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Well there I was, one Saturday morning in April, sitting in the sunshine after having my breakfast when (oh goody!) there were signs that we were going OUT. It was really exciting because we all jumped in the car and seemed to go for miles and miles. After a long time we came to a place they called Emsworth and James let me out for a nice run around and a walk by the river. I even said hello to some swans.
Then we made our way to a big building called Park Vale Clinic and there we met the very important man called Martyn King. He took a good long look in my eyes and examined my head. Then he took lots of photos of me - I thought I was going to be famous! He thought my lump was something very rare but he could not be sure. He also said it was not a very nice thing for me to have in my head so he would operate (what's this I asked myself?) and remove the lump (this didn't sound so good!) to see what the problem was.
James' Mum & Dad decided on a date in May (May 9th 2002) to bring me back again for this operation. In the meantime, Martyn King said I should carry on as normal but have drops in my eye four times a day! Bye Bye, see you again in May he said........

See what a good girl I am - I don't make any fuss.

If you want to know what happened next - read on!!!.............

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