Welcome to Kezi's Page!

Unfortunately after a short illness Kezi was diagnosed with terminal throat cancer and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on

22 October 2014
at the age of 14

  Thank you for coming to my Page!

I was born on the 12 August 2000 and I am a beautiful Golden Retriever. My owner is James and he loves me lot's and lot's.

This is James, taking me out for my very first walk after I had had all my injections.

Although they call me "Kezi" my real name is Kenmillen Lacemaker.

My parents are Linjor Country Song and Pearl the Fisher Maid.

My Grand Parents are Trebettyn Musket, Denmarella Saffron For Linjor, Quaintons Saphire and Mitzi Golden Girl.

I know all my Great Grand Parents and this realy annoys Allan as he is still searching for his!

This is a picture of my Granddad Trebettyn Musket  
click it to go to his page
- - - These are my Grandmother Denmarella Saffron for Linjor with her owner
Me, having a rest after play!    

I have been to dog training at Seaford & District Dog Training Club and also to
Lewes Dog Training and I can be a good girl - sometimes!

James and I have been
working very hard at my
dog training classes and on
the 3rd May 2001
we were awarded

    The Boris Cup!   This is the certificate that
came with the cup!

This is me on Bank Holiday Monday

7th May 2001!

I am sure growing up fast!!!!


My first Birthday was on
12 August 2001

There are some pictures if you click here

Since the beginning of 2002

I have not been very well

What's up Doc?
(or should I say Vet!!)
click to find out!

Just think I had all that trouble, and here we are December 2007 The only problem that I have now is that I can't blink properly.

People think that I wink at them.

Perhaps I do !!

Woof Wooof

Woof Woof

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