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At the begining of this year (2002) my right eye started to look bloodshot and then seemed to get better again. This happened a couple of times but then the next time it didn't get better.
  I could still play and have lots of fun in the strange white stuff that appeared in my garden one day!
Well, then this strange lump started to grow on my head just above my right eye. It was only small at first and not very noticable but then it got bigger so it was off to the Vet. The humans thought perhaps I had just knocked it a bit when I was playing or something. Then James and his Mum and Dad took me to see another Vet - a very nice lady they called Deborah at the Meridian Veterinary Practice in Peacehaven. She was very nice and said that she didn't know what this lump was - it was very odd and not something she had seen before in a young puppy like me. She suggested that I go all the way to Hampshire (wherever that is) and see a very important man called Martyn King. He would sort me out!    
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