Before 1833   Born:   (of full age at Marriage)
    Occupation:   Paper-hanger.
3 April 1854   Marriage:   To Ann Priscilla Wolstenholme at Battersea Parish Church, Surrey.
    Address:   2, Park Crescent Cottages, Chelsea, London.
    Witnesses:   William Miller and Sophia Allen.
1855   Son Born:   James W. Parker
1860   Son Born:   Henry (Harry) Parker
1862   Daughter:   Ann Parker
21 Jan 1864   Daughter:   Emily Charlotte Parker.
1871   Son Born:   Thomas E. Parker
1874       His wife died.
1871 to 1881   Death:   He died between 1871 (his son Thomas' birth) and 1881

At the Census of 1881 his children James W Parker, Henry Parker, Ann Parker
Emily Charlotte Parker and Thomas E Parker were all living together at

1 Bucklers Alley, Fulham, London.

Census 1861: As they were married in 1854 from 2 Park Terrace Cottages, St. Luke, Kings Road, Chelsea we checked the 1861 RG 933 60/61 and found it occupied by Joseph Haggis born 1831 Coach-builder, Rebecca Haggis his wife born 1827 and children, Elizabeth born 1853, Joseph born1854, Annie born 1856 and Isabella born 1861.

Of course we now know that James and Ann had a son, Harry in 1860 and a daughter, Ann in 1862 and these birth certificates should be purchased to perhaps give us addresses that may be searched in the 1861 Census:

But as we all know family history reserch never ends, there is always something more to do.

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