1864 to 1945  
James Parker and Ann Priscilla Wolstenholme


21 Jan 1864       She was born at 2 Park Terrace Cottages, Chelsea, London.
    Baptised:   St. Luke's Parish Church, Chelsea, London.
18 Dec 1892   Marriage:   to William Martin at Chiswick Parish Church, Chiswick, London.
    Address:   23 Quick Road, Chiswick, London
    Witnesses:   Joseph Bromsgrove and Amelia C. Parry (neighbours)
13 Jan 1894   Son Born:   William Edward Martin born in Fulham, London. (Family now living in Fulham)
1895   Daughter:   Emily Charlotte Martin born in Fulham, London.
25 Oct 1897   Son Born:   Arthur Wellesley Martin born at Orchard Place, North End Road, Fulham, London.
1900   Son Born:   Harry Martin born in Fulham, London.
1902   Son Died:   William Edward Martin died at the age of eight after falling from a truck in Fulham
1 Feb 1903   Daughter:   Amelia Margaret Martin born in Fulham, London
        Conjectural Address: Percy Road, Kilburn (Suggested by a family member)
1918   Address:   41 Mora Road. Cricklewood, London.
(her son Arthur is discharged from the Army to live with her there)
15 Nov 1931   Address:   Cosy Cot, Rowe Avenue, Peacehaven, East Sussex.
(where 132 Rowe Avenue is now)
5 Nov 1934   Address:   Bonza, Bramber Avenue, Peacehaven, East Sussex.
(since demolished - now there are flats on this site)
1 Feb 1937   Address:   Mayfield, Rowe Avenue, Peacehaven, East Sussex.
(now 130 Rowe Avenue - and was still standing in 2000)
26 Jul 1943   Address:   Fonthill, Firle Road, Peacehaven, East Sussex. (now 93 Firle Road)
30 Nov 1945   Death:   She died in Peacehaven, East Sussex.
04 Dec 1945   Burial:   She was buried at Brighton & Preston Cemetery, Brighton
        (Plot XD1980) near Harris, 5 left and 4th in from path!


St Luke's Church
Chiswick Parish Church


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