Monday 28th November 2016

This morning finds us still in Rugles and Allan went across to the Internet Media centre again in the village.  This time he had more success with the "How to do it " video.  Who knows, in time we may be able to improve on our blog pages and make them a little better to look at.

In the evening we walked into the town centre and saw they had lit up their Christmas lights

When we returned to the motorhome we messaged and phoned Frankie again.  It is so nice to keep up with what the family are doing and we can't wait to get home to see them all.


This morning Allan is trying to learn something from the videos about Microsoft Expressions Web and other software but it is all very difficult.  Dorothy is busy with her cross-stitch needlework but of course listening to the videos.  She seems to be grasping the general idea better than Allan, even though Allan is watching the videos as well.  This web design lark is not easy.  If we don't save our memories then we will forget the things that we have done and the places that we have been to, but it's difficult to know just how much to write to keep it from becoming a boring read!

Later we messaged Frankie again and then we rang our friend Zelie H but as she didn't answer her phone we texted her as well.

We are trying to make plans and arrangements for our return to England for the Christmas and New Year holidays.  There is so much to do, perhaps more than our time in England will allow but we will try to fit everything in.

We used to get up, go to work, come home, have dinner, watch tv, go to bed.  Now with retirement we miss all that fun and excitement!


We remain in Rugles and Allan started to put into practise the new web design software.  After some success he soon realised that as our website is already up and running it would need a complete rewrite of our other website which is our family history and so would be too much work to do.  We would have to do a completely new website from scratch and not an update to an existing one as there is so much of it that is different to that of our previous software.

Later in the day we took a walk around the park to clear our heads  

and by the time we return it is looking decidely frosty!


The weather is still not brilliant here in Rugles so we have another day in.

More playing around with the computer, with Allan trying to get his head around the web site design software and more cross-stitch for Dorothy.  Of course another day in would not be possible without the freshly baked bread from the local boulangerie so Allan was off shopping again.


Today we wish a very Happy Birthday to Bridget, another one of Dorothy's ex work colleagues.

This morning we had to leave Rugles and continued on our journey north, stopping first at Bernay for the Gifi store, a sort of homeware and novelty shop and then across the carpark to some other shops including a toy shop, after all Christmas is coming!  It's a bit difficult as most toys nowadays have music and sound and here in France the toys have French tunes and French phrases.  Further along the way north we stopped at Brionne for the Supermarket. 

Home is still along way away but we are thinking about how much French wine and cheese we will need in England.  Lots and lots is the only answer to that question.

We were planning to spend the night at the village of Clères which is only about 40 miles south of Dieppe.  Following the Satnav directions we started going down some very narrow country lanes.  Then we were faced with warning signs for a low bridge which kept appearing along the roadside.  Never mind, thought Alllan, the Satnav wouldn't misdirect us, so the low bridge must be further on from Clères and we would never, ever need to go that far.

Oh no it wasn't!!  After a few more Km there it was staring us in the face -  the low railway bridge and Clères was still several Km distant.

We were faced with a difficult turn around, with several cars getting in the way and it was really dark and raining by now.  This was not an enjoyable time!  We managed go back along the road we had just come along and then had to try to find another route.  All the time the Satnav was quite insistent, wanting us turn back, or what would be worse even down some ridiculously narrow roads, just so that we would go back the same route to the low railway bridge. 

Eventually, after a lot of swearing and bad vibes towards Allan from the passenger seat, we made it to Clères on a much better road.  There we quickly connected to the electricity and had another wet, rainy night in France.  In fact this was to be our last night this year in France.


This morning we left Clères, heading up to Dieppe.  The ferry is not until 6 pm but we have to be there at 4 pm and we needed to do a little shopping first at Noz, Gifi and then to the Auchan Supermarket.

Shopping done, we then did our last refill of Diesel fuel at French prices.  To be honest there is not so much saving as there once was when there were more Euros to the Pound.  97p here and 1.12 at home so it's close to 15p a litre savings or about £9.00 for a refill.  In fact the savings on wine is not so great as they once were either.  It is just that here in France we can afford a slightly better wine. Spain was the best for buying wine and spirits with a 70cl bottle of Gordon's gin at the equivalent of £5.53 and that included a free litre bottle of Schweppes tonic water.

Easy through Passports and booking in and then the long wait until boarding the Ferry.  At just after 6 pm we were on our way home.  The messages over the ships Tanoy system said that tonight's crossing will be slightly rough.  Allan pretended not to  hear it but Dorothy was starting to look concerned.

To be fair, the crossing was a little less smooth than usual but nothing to worry about and after 4 hours sailing we were safe and sound in Newhaven harbour.

Once off the ferry we drove the short distance to where Allan used to work, where we knew we could safely spend the night.  We were both very tired but happy to be home again. 


Another birthday today - this time it is our friend Anne-Lise J who lives in Norway.  Happy Birthday Anne-Lise.

After having a good night's sleep we visited Mum in Seaford during the morning and in the afternoon we went to Hailsham to see our son James and his partner Frankie and of course our wonderful grandaughter Scarlett. Oh, how we have missed them all.

We made our way back to Seaford in the evening because Allan had an early appointment in Newhaven the following day.


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