Monday 21st November 2016

Still in Valanjou and we took another another walk around the village, this time we went through the park.  We bet this would be a great place to come to during the summer when you can sit out beside the lake and enjoy the park, the greenery and the lake.  At the moment winter is fast approaching and the weather is getting colder here. The sun goes down at about 5 pm and we realise that it is only just 4 o'clock at home in England, brrr!


Today is is the Birthday of Sam G, Dorothy used to work with her and we wish her many happy returns.

We left Valanjou and drove to La Fleche in the afternoon.  Along the way we were noticing places and things that we have seen several times before.  We are becoming accustomed to France as if it was our own county of East Sussex.  We came here to be somewhere different and new but after a while it is becoming familiar to us.  We have visited more of of France than a lot of the French people do.

We stopped off at Noz, for a little cheap shopping but nothing was terribly inspiring, so we moved on to the other side of the town, stopping at the Aire de Campingcar to refill our water tank etc. on the way.

We then settled in at Lac Monnerie for the night.  This place is absolutely wonderful.  Although there is no fresh water and servicing facilities, meaning a trip to the Town Aire every few days, it is one of the prettiest lakes that we know about in this part of France.


Shopping today for some Christmas items at E Leclerc was on the agenda and whilst Dorothy was doing the hard work of shopping, Allan went to get comfortable in the cafe and tried to download a new programme for doing the website, unfortunately a poor connection to the internet stopped much of anything downloading.

Back at the lake we were very surprised when a car drove up and parked next to us.  Dorothy then said "It's Claude"!!  We went out to greet him and he was so surprised to see us too.  We meet Claude every spring/summer on our visits and have a good laugh as he speaks no English and draws a lot for us to help us understand him!!  He had not expected to see us there in November - he had just come down to enjoy the views of the lake.  Claude brought us up-to-date with life in La Fleche and the changes being made to the area around the lake.  Work is going ahead to stop parking right on th edge of the lake, a height barrier will soon be installed and a purpose-built Aire is being constructed nearby.  We don't think it will be as nice but time will tell.  After a while we had to say our goodbyes and hope to meet up again at Lac Monnerie in the Spring.


Needing to crack on with our journey North, we set off today heading for Rugles.  It seems a long time since we left there on 1st July!

On arrival, all was well and we settled ourselves in.


This morning Allan went to the Internet Library to use their fast connection to the www and had a great time downloading all sorts of videos to help with using the Photoshop and Expressions Web programmes.

Then in the afternoon we had a walk around the village and noticed all the changes form our last visit here.  Shops opening up and some closed down.  Our favourite boulangerie has been redecorated, the Moroccan man who owns the convenience store remembers us from our last visits.  Such a wonderful, friendly little village.


Allan tried a few of the videos that were going to teach us how to improve Photoshop and Expressions Web but as they were done in a rush and not noticing that they were on lowest quality all the videos turned out to be pretty poor and quite unwatchable.

"Do not rush it next time as it's not worth it" is the motto now!

The afternoon was taken up with another walk around the village.


We are still in Rugles.

With a lot of trouble, Allan tried to get something from the downloaded videos but it was very difficult as the pictures were not clear.  After that it was just another relaxing day and a message sent to Frankie, back in England.


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