Monday 16 May 2016

When we awoke it was to another cloudy day in Seaford, East Sussex. The Gulls were busy making a noise, trying to land on our roof. Just another day here but back home in France it is another National holiday. They do seem to have a lot of them.

Today was our bowling trip with our nephew Gary and his mum, Allan's sister Sheila, so this afternoon we collected them at their house in Brighton and went down to Brighton Marina. We had already made arrangements with the parking and Security people as to where we could leave the motorhome as Sheila has trouble walking far at the moment and the motorhome is too large for their carparks. We were extremely impressed with the Brighton Marina security staff, both on the 'phone and when we arrived. They could not have been more helpful and we thank them very much.

The staff at Bowlplex bowling were also very helpful and set us up for our games.
Gary complete with Birthday sticker.

The "oldies" at play!

Then Gary shows how it's done!

Everything went well. The bowling staff were great, some strikes were scored and we felt that our guests had a good time as did we.
A hug for Auntie!

We followed the bowling with a quick visit to McDonalds as it was close by and it was a bit too far to walk up to Wetherspoons.

After taking them back home, with Sheila really enjoying her trip in the front seat of the motorhome!, we stopped off for a coffee and chat.

Then it was time to leave and make our way back to Seaford to see Mum.

We had a really good day today.


The phone went this morning to invite us to Hailsham to see James, Frankie and Scarlett-Louise. There, we felt that Scarlett is getting more and more used to us and it was a very good and positive visit. After a walk around the town for a little shopping we decided to take them all to the Toby Carvery in Eastbourne for an early dinner.

The Toby Carvery was a splendid meal and as Dorothy said it was all for only £42 that's about £10 a head so that's good value. Allan said, well yes, but your wine cost £9.40 and as we have many nice BOTTLES on the motorhome for £2.40 each, we won't do that again. Beer from now on when we go out to dinner!

Whilst there, in a road nearby, we got talking to another motorhomer. He assured us it was easy to stay here and so we decided there was no point in moving on and stayed here for one night. And we had a very quiet night in a private road, with no-one bothering us.


As we were in Eastbourne this was the ideal opportunity to get a refund at Currys, PC World on the software that we did not need. Bit of a problem here as when Allan was at the till he realised that his credit card for the refund was missing. However with a only bit of hassle a refund was made to another card and then Allan was then straight away on the phone to cancel the card and to arrange a replacement.

I think that we have already mentioned that we use the Halifax Clarity Card as there are no fees and you get a good exchange rate for the Euro. We have found that they will charge interest on cash withdrawals but if you phone them and pay it off you can save the few pence interest. They cancelled the card and said a new card would be sent out straight away.

Then we returned to Seaford for the evening and night.


Another phone call this morning from James and Frankie. James has the day free so we are invited over. Knowing that our time in England is limited, without hesitation we accept and are on our way. However if we had known this yesterday we wouldn't have gone to Seaford last night, which is in totally the opposite direction to Hailsham, East Sussex. We have nearly used up our full tank of diesel at the French price and our insurance mileage allowance is getting dangerously close to the limit! We collected the new Fiamma locks from Mum's house on the way, as they were delivered there from EBay.

We had another nice visit with Scarlett and later in the afternoon we went back to Mum's house in Seaford for Dorothy to do the laundry and Allan fitted new Fiamma locks to the habitation door and garage. When Dorothy was putting the shirts into the machine out of the top pocket of one was, yes, you've guessed it, the Halifax Mastercard that Allan lost yesterday and assured her it was not in his shirt pockets!. Nothing for it now, it just needs to be destroyed and for Allan to remember to put cards back in the wallet and not in a shirt pocket.


We had rain to start with today but the weather improved during the day. Dorothy is now into rug making and Allan is trying to put some words down for the blog. We were parked up on the Seafront at Seaford. People watching is about all we did for the day. We needed a rest from all this travelling about. We are exhausted!


We popped over to Eastbourne for some shopping. As it was going to be an easy journey and a short walk when we got there we took Mum with us for the ride.

In the evening we visited our niece Sharon and her husband Jon and Allan's sister Sheila and Gary for one of our takeaway evenings with them. Our great-niece Emma was also there and it was good to see her. Jon went out for the takeaways as usual and when he returned they played a video of our wedding day, nearly 26 years ago. We were hoping that it was a video that Sharon's late father David had taken of the day but it was the paid-for professional video that we have already seen many times. However it was still good to watch it again and to be reminded of our special day and all the special people who were our guests. Some who unfortunately are no longer with us.
Our great nephew Marc came in for a short visit on his way home from work. He always stops by to see us when he knows we are there.
We love going over there. It is so nice to be welcomed visitors and we always come away having had a great time.

We decided to stop the night in Saltdean again and on the way, Allan suggested that we should write a list of all those who came to our wedding day and are no longer with us but on reflection it would sadly be a long list, so we decided to give it a miss.


We woke to another dull day in Saltdean. It had been raining through the night again and we are not very impressed with the weather we are having here!

In the morning Allan checked his phone account to find out how much we are exceeding our allowances.

The MiFi 3 dongle has 67 pence for it's use in Belgium! His phone has an extra £10.65 charged. This is a few pence for the afternoon in Belgium which is not a "Feel at Home Country" but mostly it is for three 0844 numbers, two were to the insurance company for our accident in France and one was to Bowlplex at Brighton Marina.
Message to self - be aware of making a booking with Bowlplex. They charge you for their premium rate number, even when it is to their advantage to have your money even if you don't turn up.
(Edit** and now they wont stop sending advertising emails!!!)

Then we received another phone call from James so our relaxing day is now over and we are going 24 miles to Hailsham. We had a nice visit to Scarlett, James and Frankie. Unfortunately James was not feeling very well at all so we didn't stay too long and decided to go down to Wetherspoons for a late lunch. We then made our way to North Hailsham to relax for the night and do a bit of work on the Blog.


Not a photographic week but a very busy one for us!


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