Monday 4th January 2016

Another week and we woke up in Arundel to more rain. When will this weather start to improve?

We used the generator this morning to put a little more charge into the leisure batteries and then we were off again. First stop is to the BP fuel station at Crossbush, this time it is with Dorothy's Nectar card for another £2.50 worth of points on the Nectar card for doing nothing more than using it for the next purchase. So we filled up the generator petrol can and got the extra points. This all seems very suspect but if they are so desperate and want our custom then why not take advantage? And then on to Sunstore Solar in Worthing.

We had expected to find an Industrial unit or something a little more impressive than what we found but they are moving soon to other premises and at the moment they are on the driveway to a private house. It was a little difficult to drive in from the busy A24 onto a narrow driveway but we managed it, just as the rain was stopping. Lets hope that that is the end to the rain for a while. Now we must wait a while for the engineer to arrive. He arrived a short while after and it was the same engineer that fitted the system last winter. He checked everything through and eventually he found a bad connection on a fuse-holder. With this fuse-holder replaced and everything checked through again, it is all now working properly. We asked how much the bill was and when he said nothing we queried and rechecked this with him but he assured us that there was nothing to be paid as it may have been like that for a long time, perhaps even from when the system was fitted. Bearing in mind this was a new fuse-holder and about an hour's labour, we thanked him very much, gave him a few pounds for a drink and were happily on our way again.

We can honestly say that for fitting solar panels and after service, we can highly recommend Sunstore Solar of Findon, Worthing.

We left there just as it was starting to rain AGAIN.

Passing through Bramber, where we had stopped a week ago before going to Steyning, we decided to stop here again for coffee and to check that the auxiliary battery is still being charged. As it was charging, we are now so very happy.

We then made our way towards Lewes in East Sussex where we stopped at Aldi for some groceries and as the Tesco garage had cheap diesel we filled up the tank. We left Lewes at about 5pm but with the cloud and rain it seemed like the middle of the night. What is it with this country? Night-time is at 4.30 in the afternoon!

We then made our way to North Hailsham in East Sussex because tomorrow we shall be visiting our beautiful Granddaughter, son and daughter-in-law for the whole DAY. Our special day to ourselves.


We waited for James & Frankie to phone us when they were up and about but late morning, having heard nothing from them, we phoned to find that they had taken Scarlett-Louise to the doctors and so we waited for them to return. When they did eventually return we went to their house and were dismayed that the doctors would not see Scarlett-Louise, even though an appointment had been given to them. We were glad to see that Scarlett-Louise was not in any major discomfort and will be registered with another practice a.s.a.p. We were soon joined by Frankie's family and it was not turning into the "our time" with them that we had hoped for. We left shortly afterwards and returned to the motorhome for the rest of the day.


Today we decided to move on to Seaford to visit Mum and to use her washing machine and then stayed at Seaford beach for the night. A really stormy night, the van was rocking with the strong gusts of wind, the rain was hammering on the roof and the skylight was letting in some really cold draughts. This is not as it should be and not as it was during our summer in France.

Bugger this, lets look at the ferry prices!!


Dorothy purchased some birthday cards in Seaford and Allan had a visit to the library. Afterwards Allan checked into SpecSavers for adjustment to his glasses, we picked up the washing from Mums and then made our way to The George in Hailsham where we were meeting James, Frankie and Scarlett-Louise for dinner. Today we had loads of cuddles with Scarlett-Louise and it was a very precious evening for us as we have so little time left here in England. Nanny Martin even pushed the pram for the first time on the way back to our motorhome. This is simply the best!

And then again to North Hailsham for the night.


Happy Birthday today to our nephew Damon. We hope he has a lovely evening with his Dad and Nanny.

We spent the day charging up the batteries whilst we stayed in North Hailsham. As we needed some bread for breakfast, Allan had a little walk to the village shop only to find that except for the Post Office section it had closed down. The postmaster said that the nearest shop was the Co-op about half a mile away (it seemed much further!) Allan purchased a loaf of bread for toast, thinking that Dorothy would be so very pleased - only to be told "what took you so long" (oh well !!! ) Poor old Allan!! But when Dorothy realised what had happened she said she had not expected Allan to walk all that way for a loaf of bread!

This charging seems to take much longer now. We have two leisure batteries and a further two auxiliary leisure batteries, the power starter battery and the vehicle battery. It is only since Monday that both sets of leisure batteries have been linked correctly with a relay so we would not have noticed the extra charging time before now. Also the computer and phones were charged up. Hair clippers and toothbrush should both be OK now.

The rest of day Dorothy played with the computer and Allan read the book that James gave him for Christmas. After a while Dorothy loaded the game on her phone!!! Just as Allan was about to put the winter covers on the refrigerator air vents, trying to make the refrigerator work better, it started to rain - AGAIN!!!!

Not always an exciting life. But then whose is?? We spent the evening and night again in North Hailsham.


We spent another day in North Hailsham hoping that we might see the family again before we have to leave but we guess they are busy with their own life. We busied ourselves with things around the motorhome and Allan caught up a bit on the Blog.


This morning we did get to visit James, Frankie and the beautiful Scarlett-Louise. After a while Frankie's mother and her fiancee arrived and after this brief visit we left and decided to head off for a few days at Canterbury in Kent.

Along the way it started to sleet and then when night time fell about 4pm, the sleet became more and more heavy until we could hardly see the road and it became worse and worse. Eventually we gave up and pulled into a lay-by just past Bethersden on the A28, where we spent a quiet night.


Tomorrow it will be dry and sunny and we can go on to Ashford and then Canterbury! (fingers crossed!!!!!)


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