The Woolgar's Entertain!!


Like so many other families of this era, our Woolgar's loved to entertain. Be it singing in my Great Grannie's parlour around the piano and pianola to marching through the Sussex streets at Bonfire time. The family gave pleasure to countless people whilst also raising funds for local charities. Read on to get a taste of The Woolgar's - entertaining!!


The Woolgar Band

  This is a collection of the Woolgar instruments -
picture taken in the front parlour of
Tom Pollard Woolgar's home in South Heighton.

We believe that the photo was taken by
Dorothy Kate Woolgar.

A friend of the family was Ralph Reader CBE
(founder of the Scout "Gang Shows")
and he was regularly found in the attic room
at South Heighton, making music with the
Woolgar Band.!
Ralph Reader was born the son of a Salvation
Army bandmaster and began his theatrical career by
putting on Scout Shows as a Patrol Leader in the
2nd Newhaven, Denton and Heighton Troop in Sussex. 

Tom Pollard Woolgar's great grandaughter,
Dorothy Ann Martin (nee Willer) can as a child
remember the room being filled with music and
being encouraged to "play" with the instruments
along with her younger brother. A great favourite was
the pianola with its pedals for the bellows that children's
feet could barely reach! Dorothy still has in her possession
a ukelele from the collection.


The Woolgar Band "in full swing"!

Members of the band at various times were:
James Alfred Woolgar: Piano, Violin, Ukelele
Albert William Woolgar: Banjo, Ukelele
Tom Richard Woolgar: Violin
Herbert Charles Allen: Drums
Harold Willett:


Dorothy Kate Woolgar

"Let me entertain you!!"


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