The Woolgar's Entertain!!

Our Woolgar's were also very keen members of the Newhaven Carnival Society, spending many long hours making and repairing their costumes which were worn every year during the Bonfire Celebrations which took place over many autumn weeks in Sussex. These celebrations still take place today, culminating in the grand torchlit processions in Lewes on November 5th.

3 Generations!

woolgar 3 generations carnival
(Photo c1946) Pictured from the left are:
James Alfred Woolgar,
Dorothy Kate Allen (nee Woolgar), her husband Herbert Charles Allen and then their daughter, Barbara Dorothy Allen,
Mary Ann Woolgar (nee Blackman, and mother to James Alfred and Dorothy Kate)
and Mabel Woolgar (nee Patterson Taylor) wife of James Alfred.


  James Alfred Woolgar and his wife Mabel
during the Lewes Bonfire Celebrations...

Barbara Dorothy Allen married Horace Willer and their children Dorothy & Tony (grandchildren of Dorothy Kate Woolgar) also carried on in the Carnival tradition.

Dorothy Willer (bottom right) 1961 (aged 6) attendant to the Carnival Queen

Dorothy & Tony Willer 1965
(grandchildren of Dorothy Kate Woolgar

Dorothy and Tony's entertainment "genes" spurred them on to carry on entertaining in various ways - dancing, singing, amateur operatics and dramatics etc. and Tony's children are carrying on in the same tradition. However to date, Dorothy's son James is only interested in sport - mainly playing football! Entertaining, nevertheless!!!

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