Born: About 1750 After searching the International Genealogy Index for Hereford and all the surrounding counties, his birth has not been found. This could mean that it was not in a parish covered by the index or in another county altogether. It has even been suggested that he came from Ireland.

Married: Anne

(Richard Martin married Nancy Haywood on 6 Feb 1776 Bromyard, although Anne could have been known as Nancy this is after the birth of their son Thomas. However it is strange that there is a long time between the birth and baptism of their first son.

Address: Bromyard, Herefordshire

1771   Son:   Thomas Martin was born (Thomas was 29 on joining the army in 1800 he was 46
on leaving in 1817.
18 Oct 1778   Baptism:   Thomas Martin was baptized at Bromyard, Hereford
11 April 1781   Daughter   Elizabeth Martin was baptized at Bromyard, Hereford
28 Jun 1786   Daughter   Mary Anne Martin was baptized at Bromyard, Hereford



Baptisms in the Parish of Bromyard, Hereford

Richard & Anne Martin son Thomas Martin 18 Oct 1778 (born 1771)

Richard & Anne Martin dau Elizabeth Martin 11 April 1781

Richard & Anne Martin dau Mary Anne Martin 28 Jun 1786

Johannis & Jana Martin son Georgius Martin 29 July 1647

Georgii & Johannae Martin dau Maria Martin 19 May 1674

Thomas & Susanna Martin son Samuel Martin 14 Feb 1725

Thomas & Susannah Martin son Thomas Martin 8 May 1724

Henry & Anne Martin son William Martin 23 March 1785

William & Ann Martin son John Martin 25 May 1800

William & Ann Martin dau Mary Martin 8 Aug 1803

William & Anne Martin son William Martin 29 June 1806

Marriages in the Parish of Bromyard, Hereford.

Mary Martin md Edward Wood 29 May 1698

Thomas Martin md Susannah Haywood 12 June 1721

Mary Martin md Thomas Haywood 14 Jan 1734

Richard Martin md Nancy Haywood 6 Feb 1776

William Martin md Ann Hill 29 June 1806


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