A chart to show whether or not any family features have been passed on. Although Thomas, George, William and Arthur were all in the Army they have been listed with the occupations that they had upon joining or discharge.

For James Martin may we remind you that this was first written in 1997.

  Thomas George William Arthur Allan James
Born 1771 1818 1860 1897 1950 1993
  Bromyard Westminster Reading Fulham Shoreham Brighton
Age at Discharge: 46 39 30      
Height 5 ft 10 ins 5 ft 9 ins 5 ft 5 ins 6 ft 6 ft 3 ft 3 ins
Hair Dark Fair Brown Black Lt Brown Lt Brown
Eyes Grey Brown Hazel Brown Lt Blue Dk Brown
Complexion Swarthy Dark Brown Fair Fair Fair Dark
Occupation Mason Labourer Labourer War Pension Electronics Student
Marks   None None War wounded
Partial Sighted
Tattoo Birth mark
Chest     35 ins 40 42 ins 22 ins
Weight     10 st 3 lb about 12 st 14 st 3 lb 2 st 5 lbs
Pulse     64      
Respirations     17      
Muscles     Fair Fair Good Good
Habits     Temperate      



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