First / or Grenadier / Regt. of Foot Guards

Where of H R Highness the Duke of York is Colonel

1. That Thomas Martin born in the Parish of Bromyard in or near the Town of Bromyard in the County of Hereford was enlisted for the aforesaid Regiment at Worcester in the County of Worcester on the 20th day of May 1800 at the age of Twenty Nine for Unlimited Service.

2. That he served in the Army for the space of Seventeen years and Ninety days, according to the subjoined.

3. That of consequence of general ill health acquired in Walcheren in the year 1809 he is hereby discharged.

5. That his general conduct has been good.

7. Signature of the Soldier Thomas Martin X his mark.

Witnessed W Wiltshire Capt. Gren. Guards.

8. To prevent any improper use being made of this discharge, by its falling into other hands, the following is a description of the said Thomas Martin. He is about 46 years of age, five feet ten inches in height, dark hair, grey eyes, swarthy complexion and by trade or occupation is a Mason.

9. My hand and seal of the regiment at Whitehall, London, this 17th day of August 1817.

Signature F W Bestwich Lieut Col. 9 (Lord C Bentinck)

The Agent, Paymaster, or other officer, by whom the issue of Marching Money is made to the Soldier discharged, is to insert below, the amount of the sum issued to the Soldier to enable him to return to the place of his Enlistment or Enrolment, specifying the Place to which he is to proceed and to state whether he has, or has not, been provided with a passage by sea, at the public expense.

1st Foot Guards. HRH The Duke of York.

Thomas Martin aged 46, Served 17 years 3 months

General ill health acquired at Walcheren

Bromyard, Hereford. Mason. 9d (nine old english pennies).

The following notes, taken from "The Origin and History of the First or Grenadier Guards " may help to show where Thomas was when he married Margaret.
However as different battalions all seem to be listed together and going separate ways it is very complicated and not of much use.

Aug 1800   Colchester
11 July 1800   Chelmsford
20 July 1800   Chatham
29 April 1802   London
    Some at Windsor and some to Winchester .Of those who went to Winchester, some went to
guard the King at Weymouth during the summer and then returning to London.
26 June 1803   Leaving those unfit for service and the new recruits in London, they went to Chatham. Those
left behind saved Westminster Abbey from destruction by fire.
July 1804   Barnham Downs, Deal
August 1805   Chatham
25 June 1806   Increase in pay from 1s 1d to 1s 2d
26 July 1806   Ramsgate
17 Aug 1806   Set sail for Plymouth, and then to Sicily
Oct 1807   Sailed
1 Nov 1807   Gibraltar
Jan 1808   Returned home to Portsmouth, and marched to Deal
8 Sept 1808   Sailed from Ramsgate to rendezvous at Falmouth
22 Sept 1808   Falmouth
8 Oct 1808   Left Falmouth
13 Oct 1808   Corunna, Portugal
28 Oct 1808   Disembarked 1st Battalion 1,300 First Guards
29 Oct 1808   3rd Battalion 1,127
7 Nov 1808   Lugo
19 Nov 1808   Villa Franca
23 Nov 1808   Cambanos, Astorga
    Manoeuvres through Portugal
16 Jan 1809   Retreat and Battle of Corunna.
25 Jan 1809   Portsmouth march to Chatham
28 Jan 1809   Arrive Chatham receive many transfers form London to make up the lost men Walcheren
7 Feb 1810   6 companies of 2nd battalion left London for Portsmouth
24 March 1810   landed Isla de Leon, Spain
5 Mar 1811   Battle of Barrosa
3 May 1811   2nd battalion return England
25 May 1811   3rd battalion leave London
30 May 1811   Sail from Portsmouth for Isla
23 June 1811   Cadiz..
7 Sep 1812   The First battalion after return from Walcheren, was Inspected by Duke of York at Hyde Park
13 Sep 1812   sailed from Portsmouth for Corunna on board "Alfred"
26 Sep 1812   disembarked Corunna
24 Oct 1812   1st battalion First Guards joined

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