1818 to 1871 - 1881

Born between : 4 Mar & 4 April 1818 in Whitbourne, Hereford (according to his Army Records)

Born during 1820 St. Margaret's, Westminster (according to 1861 census!)

Real birth details: 28 Mar 1818 New Tothill Street, Westminster, London!! (from Baptism Record)

St Margarets Church, Westminster London

Baptized: 13 Apr 1818 at St. Margaret's Church, Westminster (Parish Records)

Parents: Thomas and Margaret Martin. His father was a Private in the First Guards (Grenadier Guards).

Note: Hereford & Worcester County Record Office searched baptism register for Whitbourne and found no reference to the name Martin whatsoever. Their biographical index gave reference to a Martin family in Whitbourne in the 17th and early 18th century but nothing after c1703.

1841 census for the Village and Parish of Whitbourne searched to see if the Martin Family remained in the Village, but nothing was found.

20 March 1835   Enlisted: 36th Foot (under age - 17 years)
    Overseas: 296 days * in the West Indies
      3years 168 days * in North America
      * Dates here are as yet uncertain
8 October 1841   Court Martial: Drunk  
1 October 1843   Transferred: 60th Kings Royal Rifles
1845 - 1852     Punjaub Campaign:
31 Oct 1852   Returned to Britain:  
    Married: ??? Hannah Broadhurst She declared in the 1861 census that she was born in 1837
at St. Peter's, Derby, Derbyshire.
We have searched 1850-1860 for the marriage record but not found it.
As she had her first child when she was aged about 18 in1855 it is likely that
they never married.
    Address: 4 King Street, Reading, Berkshire.
6 August 1855   Son Born: George Martin. He was later baptized at St. Lawrence, Reading, Berkshire.
4 May 1857   Army Discharge: At Chatham, Kent
    Address: 2 Mills Buildings, Watlington Street, Reading, Berkshire.
19 March 1860   Son Born: William Martin. He was later baptized at St. Giles, Reading, Berkshire.
1861   Census: Here he says he was born in St. Margaret's Parish, Westminster, London.
1881   Census: He is not listed in it.
His wife is found living in Southwark with her 10 year old daughter.
      (So he probably died after the birth of his daughter and before 1881)
    Death: Searched 1868 to 1881 and found three possible George Martin's
      1874 aged 55 Holborn (1b 440 (before Sep 74),
1874 aged 57 London C (1c 49 Sep 1874)
1876 aged 60 Poplar (1c 430 Dec 1876)
none are likely so we will try the Hereford area, or is he still alive in 1881?


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