WO97/1592 1073

Her Majesty's 1st Battalion     60th Regiment of Royal Rifles    
Sir W.G. Moore KCB Lt. General is Colonel Chatham, May 1857      
Discharge No.: 1945   36/1054 SERGEANT GEORGE MARTIN    

THE BOARD having examined and compared the Regimental Records, the Soldiers Book, and such other documents as appeared to them to be necessary, report that No.1945 36/1054 Sergeant Geo. Martin by trade a labourer was born in the Parish of Whitbourne, in or near the Town of Bromyard, in the County of Hereford, and was attested for the 36th Regiment of Foot at Kidderminster in the County of Worcester on the 20th March 1835 at the age of 17 years and that, after making every deduction required by Her Majesty's regulations, the service up to this day, which is entitled to reckon, amounts to 21 years 42 days, as shewn by the detailed statement on the second page; during which period, he served abroad 11 years 116 days, vis.

  In the West Indies   296 days
  North America   3 years 168 days
  East Indies (Lower & Upper)
and the Punjaub from
15 Oct 1845  


31 Oct 1852 7 years 17 days
  Remainder at Home  

and further, that his Discharge is proposed for the purpose of saving on the permanent Staff of the Royal Berks Militia according to the circulars dated Horse Guards 18 Sept. 1852 and the 8th March 1853 and the letter dated Horse Guards
13 April 1857.

With regard to the character and conduct of No. 1945 36/1054 Sgt. George Martin, the Board have to report, that upon reference to the Defaulters Book and by the parole testimony that has been given, it appears that it has been very good and was in possession of three good conduct badges. Before he was promoted Sergeant he was tried by a Regimental C. Martial on the 8th October 1841 for being drunk. Present at the siege and capting of Mooltan, the Campaign of the Punjaub 1849, including the battle of Goojerat, the surrender of the Rajah Shere Singh and Seikh Army, the occupation of Attock and Peshwar and the expulsion of the Amir Daub Mohamed beyond the Khyber Pass.

Medal conferred for services in the Punjaub Campaign 1848, 1849 and one Clasp for the capture of Mooltan and one Clasp for the battle of Goojerat.



Detailed Statement of the services of 1945 George Martin .......

Regiment Prom/Red Rank Service From To Years   Days
36 Foot Attested Private 20 Mar. 1835 19 Mar.1836     Under age
    Private 20 Mar. 1836 8 Nov.1840 4   234
" Promoted Corporal 9 Nov.1840 5 Oct 1841     331
  Tried by a Regimental Court Martial 8 Oct. 1841      
  Sentenced to be imprisoned and   6 Oct.1841 9 Oct.1841     Nil
" reduced to Private Private 10 Oct.1841 30 Sept.1843 1   356
        TOTAL: 7   191
  Transferred to the 1st Battalion 60th Royal Rifles on the 1st October 1843 by authority dated adjt. General's Office, Dublin,02 Oct 1843 making a total service on the 30th September 1843 of seven years, one hundred and ninety one days.

We certify that the above is a correct statement of the services of George Martin to the 30th Sept. 1843 .

(signatures appear here)

60th Royal Rifles Transferred Private

1 Oct. 1843

1 Mar. 1850 6   152
  Received one distinguishing
mark and commenced receiving1p per day good conduct pay

10 Oct. 1843

  Commenced receiving Good Conduct pay at 2p per day  

1 Jan. 1846

  Promoted Corporal

2 Mar. 1850

23 Mar 1850

0   .22
  commenced receiving 3p per day good conduct Pay  

24 Mar. 1851

  14   0
  Promoted Corporal

24 Mar. 1850

1 Aug. 1851

1   41
  Promoted Sergeant

12 Aug. 1851

4 May. 1857

5   266
          21   42
          21 years and 42 days service


This is not George but just shows the uniform



Age: 39 1 month

Height: 5ft 9 ins.

Complexion: Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Fair

Trade: Labourer

Marks or Scars: None



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