The Martin Family

of Bromyard, Herefordshire

Our Martin family have been traced back to
Richard Martin who lived in

Bromyard in Herefordshire

in the late 18th c

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Bromyard Church, Herefordshire

St. Peter's Church, Bromyard

    Birth Place   Married Spouse
Allan Arthur Martin   24 July 1950 Shoreham, West Sussex   21 July 1990 Dorothy Ann Willer
Arthur Wellesley Martin   25 October 1897 North End Road, Fulham, London   7 December 1948 Margaret Alice Tiller
William Martin   19 March 1860 2 Mills Buildings, Reading, Berkshire   18 Dec 1892 Emily Charlotte Parker
George Martin   28 March 1818 New Tothill Street, Westminster, London     Hannah Broadhurst
Thomas Martin   18 October 1771 Bromyard, Herefordshire     Margaret
Richard Martin           Anne


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