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Trebettyn Musket  

This is my grandad Trebettyn Musket
his humans called him "Digger"

Unfortunately 2 days before Christmas 2002 he died

His owner says that
........."He now is buried in the garden under his favourite tree and will shortly have a garden in memorium to him, he was a dog in a million and one who got under my skin.  He lives on in all his children of which we have two sons and a daughter living with us and also we have one of his grand-daughters who is now 10 weeks old"-

He is dearly missed by the two girls he had to look after, their names are Rebecca and Bethan. He was very proud of them, and he saved Bethan's life when he was just a little puppy so he was very extra special to his human mum!

------- ------------------------
------------- This is a picture of one of the sons of Trebettyn Musket, his name is Cloud of Chalksville Pipe Major at Trebettyn. His human mum is very proud of him as he did very well at a very important competition in November 2002.

Doesn't he look like me?

  -Cloud of Chalksville Pipe Major at Trebettyn -------------
Trebettyn Musket




Muskan Most Likely (1 CC, 2 RCCs)

Golcrest Game Of Chance (1 RCC)

Eng. CH. Meant To Be At Moorquest
Golcrest Ginglewood

Muskan Miss Elite JW

Eng. CH. Gatchells Sky At Night JW
Muskan Miss Chic

Trebettyn Portrait

Pinecrest Pioneer of Kidston

Shandeen Sportsman Of Pinecrest
Westley Nerissa Of Pinecrest

Westcombe Lia of Trebettyn

Eng. CH. Sherida Sirdar
Westcombe Sugar'n'Spice
born 30 October 1991   died 23 December 2003


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