Annie Green

Born 24th September 1898 at 9 Esplanade, Seaford, East Sussex
Baptised 30th October 1898 at Seaford, East Sussex.
Parents were Charles Green and Mary Ann (nee Leister)

Left School on the 18th October 1911
Worked as a waitress in a Coffee Shop in Bridge Street, Newhaven

The marriage of Annie Green
Horace Edgar William Willer
  The marriage took place on Saturday the 14th June 1919 at
Newhaven Register Office, by certificate.
The marriage was witnessed by:
George H. Willer (groom's father) and Mrs Eva White (family friend)


After their marriage, Annie & Horace
made their home in Newhaven,
living at 2 Seaview Terrace and then at
23 Brighton Road, Newhaven.

This picture was taken in the back garden
of 23 Brighton Road, Newhaven


Annie Dorothy Willer   still living    
Horace Willer   still living    


During the Second World War years, Annie was a "Land Army Girl" at Gwnnes Farm, Lewes Road, Newhaven.
After the War she was a Box Office Cashier at the Ritz Cinema in Newhaven, where her husband was the projectionist..


  Annie was a keen dressmaker, and loved to play the piano -
both proving very difficult for her because she suffered from
accute arthritis in all her joints from an early age.

Both Annie and Horace were very keen members of the
Cycling Club and were often seen round and about on their
tandem cycle. Even when Annie was no longer able to manage
the cycling, they used to meet up with the club at one of their
stopping points of the day!


Annie sadly suffered from heart trouble towards the end of her life.
She died in the Sussex Eye Hospital (nothing to do with her sight -
shortage of hospital beds apparent even in those days!)
on the 15th November 1976.
Cause of death: Cerebovascular Accident, Arterial Fibrilation and Ischaemic Heart Disease.
She was cremated at the Downs Crematorium, Brighton, East Sussex.

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