Monday 26th December 2016

Boxing Day

James, Frankie and our wonderful grandaughter Scarlett  joined us at Dorothy's Mum's house today. Dorothy cooked another splendid dinner and in the afternoon we watched Scarlett playing with the electric car that James, Frankie and we had bought for her.  It is remote control so that the parents can operate it until she can use the controls herself.

We had left the washing up until after James and Frankie left to go home to Hailsham and when that was done and everything was clean again, we settled in to a well-earned relaxing evening.

Mum started on her 3D puzzle that we had brought for her in France.  It was of the leaning Tower of Pisa and she started making a 3D model of the strangest looking tower ever.


Today we are packing up and getting ready for New Year at Steyning with the East Sussex Centre of the Caravan Club.  During the afternoon it was such a joy to have a visit from Dorothy's nephew and niece.  Both their spouses were otherwise engaged but our latest addition to the family, our great niece Penelope (Damon's daughter) was with them.  This was the first time we have met her.  She is only 3 months old and a really  delightfully, happy little baby girl.

Dorothy bound off the rug she had made in the spring

 and we all admired Mum's leaning tower!           

We were amazed that she was able to complete it so quickly. 

Later in the evening after dinner we made our way to Newhaven where we put more petrol in the generator and started to charge up the batteries before going to Steyning tomorrow.  Usually we cannot get electricity and so our leisure batteries need to be fully charged to give us a good start. 


Up bright and early, we are off for the party week in Steyning - not so bright and early as we arrived there at 12:30 and it is only a 26 mile journey!

The Rally Officers of the East Sussex Centre of the Caravan Club showed us to our parking space, which will be our home for the next five days .

Dorothy's cold is starting to come out and so she didn't go over to the hall to do the first night's meet and greet but stayed at home in the motorhome, in the warm.

Allan went to the hall and booked up for two curries for the Friday evening cooked by Alan and Sarah B and their team of volunteers.   Allan also met up with many long term friends, after all, we have been members of this group for the last 16 years and have been to all but one of their New Year Celebrations.


A quiet day, Allan watched the "Lion King" and Dorothy read a book.  During the afternoon we were lucky enough to be offered electricity which we quickly accepted. Thank you to the Chairman, Steve Hornsby, for organising this.  It was very much appreciated and  will make it easier for Dorothy who is still getting over her cold which aggravates her asthma.

Practice Night, was a wonderful meal, an entertainer and great company on our table.  During the interval there was a parade of members in the fancy dress competition. This year's theme was Disney characters and all of the costumes were very well done.


A day of doing our own thing and then it was soon time to go back to the hall for the Curry and Chinese evening and a Quiz.  I think we came close to the lowest score in the quiz but it's the taking part that matters so they say. The Chinese and Indian meal was as good as it always is. Thank you Alan and Sarah B and their team of helpers for a great evening.


New Year's Eve  (or Old Year's Night as it is sometimes known)

This is the big one.

For Allan, Black bow tie (real, not elasticated) dinner suit, cummerbund, the works.  Dorothy looked "quite good" too.

Our meal consisted of starter, roast beef with all the trimmings and a choice of dessert followed by dancing 'til the early hours to the Clint Williams Disco. 

After the balloons and singing Auld Langs Syne to ring in the New Year, out came the cheese and pate buffet, port, brandy, Cointreau and even more wine.

Here we are during the evening with our very good friends Sheila and Peter

A fabulous night and quite exhausting!


An extremely lazy day today to recover from last night! 

This evening, those of us that were lucky enough to stay an extra night went over to the hall for our traditional Wind down evening.  There, we all enjoyed each other's company and leftovers of last night were used in sandwiches and "bubble-n-squeak" followed by another quiz.

A really splendid celebration and what a terrific way to see in the New Year.

Well done to the Chairman, Steve Hornsby and his wife Sue for a really terrific New Year Rally - their first as Chairman and his lady.  And a great job done, as always, by our Committee and all members of the East Sussex Centre of the Caravan Club.

Hope to see you all next year on a rally field.


Finally, the end of another year on our travels.  How quickly it has gone. 

We end by wishing all of our family and friends a Very Happy and Healthy New Year. 


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