Monday 12th September 2016

Here we are in Milly-la-Forêt in the lovely warm sunshine. The photo is a bit on the dark side as it was taken looking towards the sun.

Turning around (now that is what it should look like!) Allan took a photo that he should have taken when we were here last time.

It is of an old iron still used to extract oil for perfume and medicines from flowers, for which this town is well known for. I guess that as this one is just being used for a display they have other more modern stills now. It is of course the location of a Geocache that we found on our last visit here.

Behind the aire there is a large Boules park. No, we have not moved to the Alps in the snow, they are in fact stone chippings! But look at the blue sky!

We also took photos of the roundabout (rond point in French) close to the aire. They do seem to take a great deal of care of their rond points and many are decorated and set out like gardens.

We heard this morning that our "Great Nephew" Nicky and his wife Ilana are now proud parents of a little baby boy. Congratulations to them both and we can't wait to meet our new
"Great Great Nephew" Felix when we come home. It is especially poignant that Felix was born on his Great Grandad David's birthday.


Today we went for a walk into the town of Milly-la-Forêt and sent a congratulations card to Nicky and Ilana for the birth of their son Felix. It was good to see a couple of new shops had opened up since we were last here. Unfortunately, yet again the Tourist Information Office was closed.

We returned to the motorhome with a loaf of fresh baked bread to have with our lunch.


Deciding the the weather here is not as warm as we would like, we decided to move on a little further to the south. Not having any plans of where to go we put the city of Bourges in the Satnav and decided to stop when we had had enough driving, so now we find ourselves at a little village called Marcilly-en-Villette.

We are not actually in the village itself but on the edge, in a clearing of a huge forested area. We parked up by a little stream which flowed past a French Lavoir (wash house for those of you who have not been reading our previous blogs about the Lavoirs!). The village is only a short walk away.


Finding that the tall trees on the aire in Marcilly-en-Villette block out the sunshine until about 11 am and then, at about 3 pm the sun sets behind some even taller trees we decided we would not be spending a lot of time there. Although we are looking out towards a pretty little meadow on the other side of the stream, the area where we are is quite dark and damp for most of the day. We would like to find a place where we can stay for a while but unfortunately this aire is not going to be it.


Again the sun starts to hit our solar panel at about 11 am and at this rate we would soon run out of power so we have a look at the maps and Aires book and decide that Angé is not too far away. We have been there before and the electricity is actually free, so we would be able to recharge all the batteries even if the sun doesn't shine. So Angé will be our next home.

Knowing that some friends of ours were near there, Dorothy texted them to see if they were still there and we wondered if we would be able to meet up with Kevin and Yvonne D.

Along the way we stopped off at a SuperU supermarket and as we have collected 20 Euros on our loyalty card we decide to spend 40 Euros!

When we arrived in Angé Dorothy texted Kevin and Yvonne to let them know that we had arrived. Fantastic they say! They were surprised that we have come this far south as we do not usually travel so far so quickly. As they had been visiting a garden in the rain they said that they would be over to see us in about an hour or so.

It was great to see them again and we enjoyed a lovely evening with them. As they are only on a short holiday and have a channel crossing to catch early next week, they said they could only stay until tomorrow afternoon.

Angé is a small village of only 818 people but they provide a huge field and offer free electricity and free Wifi. You do need to pay for the water here. Thank you to the Mayor and local people for this wonderful facility.


This morning took a stroll into the village with Kevin and Yvonne, stopping to admire the ironwork in the square around the church where they took photos of us on the love seat.
Thank you for the use of your photos.

We then made our way to the local vineyard of Clos Roussely where we had an interesting chat with Vincent Roussely, the owner of the vineyard, during which he dispensed some samples of his delightful wine for us to taste. We were delighted to purchase 10 litres of his wine and Kevin also purchased several bottles and some local cheeses. Mr Roussely said that if the town didn't provide the Aire even more of their village shops would close down. Already the village is without a store because there are many Supermarkets around here.

Lunch was alfresco between our two motorhomes and Yvonne asked why our blog was so out of date, after all it says that we are still back in England! Allan tried to explain that it is only something that we do as and when we can be bothered to. It is much better to sit in the sunshine and chat with friends, just like this.

Yvonne was very delighted that there are two little feral kittens here

and one took a great liking to the net shelf under our table!

When they went shopping during the afternoon, Yvonne just had to buy some kitten food for them.

We were pleased that Kevin and Yvonne decided that Angé was a nice Aire de CampingCar and, as the weather was so good, they would stay for another night.

During the evening we met in Kevin and Yvonne's motorhome and again, Allan joked that this is why our blog is so out of date!


During the morning Yvonne came over to our motorhome and asked us if we would feed "her kittens" with the rest of the food that she had bought. She was so in love with those little bundles of fur and really would have loved to take one back to England. But how could the kittens be separated!

Later we said our farewells to Kevin and Yvonne who are now heading back to England.

We were pleased but surprised, to see both of the kittens were playing together then fell asleep in the sun and that they were not on the way to England after all.


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Just some more photos of the cats but they are cute!