Monday 15th August 2016

As Dorothy is still staying at Mum's, Allan had spent another night on his own in the motorhome. When he woke he went round to Mum's for breakfast. Mum says that she dislikes it when there is just talk about irrelevancies like meals and the weather. Sometimes though, it just has to be done, especially when it is so delicious. Two fried eggs on toast, salt, freshly ground pepper and a cup of coffee. Yum Yum.,

To give her her dues though, today she walked a little further along the road. Progressively she needs to build up her strength and stamina. Each and every day a little better and she could be in the London Marathon next year or perhaps the year after. (No hope she says!).

Allan picked up the spare new computer lead from Oscars Computers of Seaford. (click for their website) Allan also told the owner that the he had checked the price of it on the internet and discovered that Oscars was several pounds cheaper and in view of this if we need anything in future we will come to them without hesitation. Allan did not let on that before we left for France last time he had been in there and checked out the price of it and then decided to try and find a cheaper alternative on EBay, then twice paid for and had the wrong size plug delivered and without a chance to return it for a refund. The Oscars Computers lead was a much better product, cheaper, guaranteed to be the right size and just needed to be collected from Seaford. Allan is so mean and tight with his money and sometimes buying cheap can mean that it actually costs more.

Just to wind Mum up even further, tonight's dinner was a really succulent tasty piece of lamb, boiled potatoes, greens, garden beans fresh from Mum's garden and epinards Together with a sauce made with fresh mint from Gerry's garden next door. The world is a good place and Allan feels good in it.


Dorothy is still looking after Mum following her operation. She is improving and not in so much pain now so that is a blessing, and she has now started to do a little walk in the morning. She is making good progress and Allan is impressed with his favourite mother-in-law. (what a load of rubbish, all we need now is a rope to have a hanging.)

Blog writing kept Dorothy busy and Allan quietly read a book by one of his favourite authors, Bill Bryson.

Our niece Louisa rang Mum this morning and Dorothy was pleased to be able to have a quick chat with her. We hope we may be able to see her and Steve before we return to France.

During the afternoon we were delighted to have another visit from Scarlett-Louise together with James and Frankie.

Tonight as it is felt that Mum can cope on her own after the surgery last week, with help from Tony if needed, we returned to our motorhome together.


Another day was spent with Mum.

Tonight Allan was going to travel to Johns Cross, East Sussex for the repair to the motorhome tomorrow but as Mum coped very well on her own last night we both travelled up together. This is for the repair that we had to leave last time that we were home in England. We have a rather big Insurance excess so we will have to pay that tomorrow.


The motorhome repair that we needed last time that we were in England and had to leave before the parts arrived is being done today. We are assured the parts are there and we made ourselves comfortable in the waiting area whilst the work was being done.

In the early afternoon the repair is finished and ready except that they can't find the new ladder lock and so we will need to return for that. Dorothy checks out the repair and we find that a metal strut is missing. They assure us that they will also get one of those in for our next visit.

You may recall that Allan is interested in the rebuilding of The Rother Valley Railway. It is a section of the Kent and East Sussex railway from Robertsbridge to Bodiam. The Rother Valley Railway will create a heritage railway transport link between the main line railway system at Robertsbridge Junction operating as a public leisure transport corridor serving popular attractions such as the National Trust’s Bodiam Castle, The Toy Museum at Northiam and Tenterden, the jewel of the Weald. At present access is largely by private car or coach, and so the railway would help reduce traffic movements on local rural roads.

As their open day is Sundays and we have limited time back in England, a proper visit would not be possible but as we are nearby today we decided to just have a visit and look over the fence. We were spotted by Peter Brown the security man and he invited us in and gave us a lengthy tour of the station. Thank you so much Peter.

We then travelled down to Eastbourne for the night on the seafront.


This morning James and Frankie collected us and we went shopping. Scarlett now has a new mattress for her cot and a baby walker to practise her walking.

After that, not knowing what to do, Allan suggested dinner at the Toby Carvery (Allan thinking of his belly as usual). We usually eat in the evening and were quite full up and well fed after the afternoon carvery. After leaving the family, we went to Newhaven to shelter from the storm that is expected tonight.


I think that the weather forecasters need to get their act together as there was no storm and we could have easily gone to our usual night halt.

Today was a lazy morning with some blog updating.

During the late afternoon we met with Mum and Tony in Sainsburys supermarket and then we popped over to Hailsham to see how Scarlett was doing with her new baby walker.


Allan set to with checking and uploading the Blog which took most of the morning. People don't realise that it takes so much time for both of us to write, resize the photos, check, and recheck the blog.

(Yvonne, here is the first of the 5 outstanding weeks for your next Sunday read!!)

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