Monday 30th November 2015

We will spend a lot of time in this town of La Fougères as there is still plenty to see and do.

First of all Allan decides to work on the first of the locks and when finished to satisfaction and all the excess glue is cleaned up then we can get on with life.

Today we decide to do our first geocaching in Fougères. This took us on a long walk around several parts of the town, showing us murals and some stunning trompe l'œils.

Back through the Town Centre which is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

and down past what Allan calls "The Gingerbread House" to the Medieval Quarter again, where we find the Christmas Lights coming on as darkness draws in.

The Chateau in the early evening light and the sculptures by Louis Derbré look stunning in this light (although the photos do not to it justice).

Then we make our way back to the motorhome for a well earned rest and a lovely meal.


Ever gluttons for punishment (!) we decide to do the next set of geocaches on our list. Little did we know that this involved climbing up to the viewing platform at the top of the quarry!!

We then make our way around the path and down the other side of the quarry to the site of the old Porte de Bretagne
Past and Present!

We continue our search which leads us to another hill which gives us views across the valley to the Jardins Public.
(spot the butterfly!)
and down into the valley below at the edge of Fougères
Here we met another Geocacher and searched for the next cache together. However, it took Dorothy's "cacher's eye" to locate it!!! After a nice conversation with our fellow Geocacher we made our separate ways on our respective searches.

Again the walk led us back through the Medieval Quarter where the Christmas Tree is now lit up.

Finally, back to the motorhome to put our feet up. During the evening Dorothy made a phone call to her friend Bridget, who's Birthday it is tomorrow.


Happy Birthday Bridget!! xx

We set off again today for the last of our long Geocache walks, firstly finding ourselves in the Jardins Public.

Here is the Butterfly in close-up!!


and behind us we turn to see another trompe l'œil

We return, this time via the Convent des Urbanistes which is now the music and arts school

and receive lovely scan pictures of our first grandchild due mid January 2016. She is a very healthy 5lb 2oz and all is looking good xxx


We have had a great time in La Fougères but the leisure batteries are running low and so we now need to move on. In fact when we try to leave the engine battery has gone too low and we are unable to start the engine. Unfortunately our starter power pack, although having been charged regularly, also failed us! Everything seems to be against us on this trip!!! So, Allan went round to the nearby garage to see if they can jump start us, which is what they did. Afterwards with the engine running, Allan asks about cost. The mechanic says that we need to call round to the office. We explain that we didn't want to stop the engine outside the office until the battery is charged up some more and so he waived this cost and said it was free - gratuit. So, we gave him 5 euros for a drink and he was happy, so with a cheery wave we were on our way again. This time to Landivy.

We travel as far as we can go before stopping the engine to allow the battery to charge up.. However, we need diesel and find a SuperU with fuel station. We decide to get the fuel first and then go and do our shopping. We have a good time in the supermarket and return with a trolley full. Might have known things were going too well. Allan flicks the remote to open the habitation door and .... NOTHING!!! The door locks on the remote control have failed? So, there we are, standing in a car park with a loaded shopping trolley, looking at each other and thinking what the **** do we do now! Suddenly a lightbulb dings in our heads. Do we have the key for the new garage lock with us? Yes (a blessing at last!!) So whilst Dorothy guards the trolley Allan climbs into the garage and through the internal door into the motorhome kitchen! Whew!

Whatever else is going to upset our short trip in France this time!!!! Tomorrow we must search for a new battery for the remote!

Back on the road again and Allan thought that, as Landivy was another little village, there would be no need to set the Satnav to more than the village name. How difficult can it be to find a sign with a camping-car on it (motorhome) in a village with two or three streets??? When we arrive the first signpost is very unhelpful and we turn left towards the centre-ville and the Church car park. The Aire is nowhere to be found. So we try looking in the handbooks. They each gave different locations but after a while we do actually find the right place in the Landivy-Pontmain football stadium car-park, which has been renamed after Alphonse Gobé who amongst other village positions, including chairman of the Fete Committee, was a player for the football club and then was it's President for 21 years.
What a superb facility for such a small community.
The Aire is very well situated and they have provided fresh water and waste facilities and even electricity. Thank you Landivy.


It is a month of Birthdays!! Today we say Happy Birthday to our friend Anne-Lise xxx

Today's activities was no more than a walk around the village and we found a butcher, baker, hairdresser's and a good village store amongst many other local businesses.

The Church
The Marie
We couldn't believe this rose garden looked so beautiful in the first week of December!!! And what a sky!!!
The War Memorial

A thriving little village. Along the main street we notice the Papillon Restaurant. Afterwards, on the computer, we find that this is the best restaurant in this part of France.
Our minds are made up, we are determined we will go here for dinner to celebrate Dorothy's Birthday.

We continue on our walk and find small leisure gardens as shown below for groups of houses, with table tennis, boules courts, picnic areas, basketball. Incredible.


We have a fairly lazy day. Later we phone the Papillon Restaurant to see if there is a table for tonight but the English owner, David Powell, says that the restaurant is closed because they are catering for a special function at the Fire-station. What about Sunday Dinner? Unfortunately that is fully booked. This is not good news because on Trip Adviser and other websites this looks like one of the best restaurants for miles (or Km) around. The owners David and Victoria settled in France five years ago from Blackpool and everything in this village seems to be good for them. It is easy to see why, as when you look around there are new housing estates, sports facilities, parks and open spaces in fact the village looks idyllic.


Happy Birthday Dorothy!!!

We will stay here today but move on tomorrow. Perhaps to return next weekend to try to book the restaurant again. Nothing else for it so Allan works on the Blog and Dorothy does the laundry!

During the afternoon about a dozen cars arrive and after meeting each other the young drivers go off in just a few cars. This is the local football team setting off for a championship match. We don't know what the score was but we hope that they did well.

Nothing for it but another stroll around the village during the afternoon and in the evening, after a lovely meal, we have a look at the Christmas lights. They were simply amazing for such a small village. The people here are so lucky.
The lights around one of the leisure gardens


We are holding our breath because what on earth will happen to us next week!!!


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