Monday 19th October 2015

Waking up in Hurst Green after a very quiet night, we found that a Snack Van had joined us and there were lorries and vans coming in with drivers wanting burgers, teas and coffees all the time.

So, we went to Johns Cross Motorhomes which is just north of Battle, East Sussex, to ask if there were any security locks or devices that would fit our cab doors. The mechanic there said that the chain that we use to link the cab doors together is the best method and so we will carry on using that method; even though it does not look good it is very effective . Afterwards we went to Heathfield to have a look at Trading 4U which is a sort of general store, more or less one step up-market from Noz, except that at Trading4 U the stuff there is all displayed nicely. Dorothy is looking for plastic jars to replace the large glass coffee jars with something lighter.

And then on to Horsebridge, north of Hailsham for the night.


We met up with James and Frankie, then went back to their flat to have a look at their new television and with a decoder from our storage unit to replace the one that they have borrowed and a DVD player, we think that it should work without having to buy a SCART to HDMI converter. This is a success as HDMI converters can cost up to £60. We then went to Eastbourne to look at some baby shops. Along the way Allan said that we would like to meet Frankie's parents. Frankie said that her mum would like to meet us so a meet up was quickly arranged for this evening. Unfortunately Frankie's Dad couldn't make it.

The baby shopping was quite successful. After looking at some cute baby clothes and toys, Allan was looking at the little fairy and princess outfits, wondering if our first Granddaughter would be girlie or sporty but it was decided that we should buy some of the more practical items and leave the cute clothes and cuddly toys and stuff to others to buy. Practical items means more expensive but never mind as we had just saved over £60 on the HDMI converter and as the expectant mum and dad seemed happy with their new things, this was an added bonus.

After all the excitement of baby shops (and James' driving!) we had a quiet afternoon at Horsebridge to wait for the evening meal and meeting with Frankie's Mum.

At Horsebridge there were loads of cars doing the school run. Allan checked with one of the mums and she said that an extra class had been added this year so there were another extra 30 cars here each morning and afternoon.

James collected us and we went to The George at Hailsham, a JD Wetherspoon pub, where we spent a very pleasant evening with Frankie's mother Sarah and Glen. It is never going to be easy meeting the parents of your son's girlfriend and we think that it went alright. Wonder what they thought of us? "Oh dear"...


It rained most of the morning but we did venture out in the afternoon to buy some presents for Christmas. We are coming back to England in late December and there will not be sufficient time to do much then. Dorothy was lucky and managed to buy some plastic jars for the coffee and milk powder and the Christmas presents were quite easily found in Eastbourne. Christmas cards and wrapping paper also purchased so Dorothy will be very busy over the next few days. Allan is the clumsy awkward male that leaves all that sort of thing to his wonderful wife.

It was a very foggy journey to Seaford where we need to be for the rest of the week.


Spent the day with Dorothy's mum and started wrapping Christmas presents and writing cards. And then to the seafront for the night.


As Allan's brother Eric was too unwell to come to the family dinner last Saturday, it was arranged that we should visit him at home in Newhaven and as he lives only a few doors away from our tenants in our old house we paid a visit to them to explain that our next priority is to have the flat roof replaced.

And then on to see Allan's old work colleagues and to show off our suntans which are now sadly beginning to fade.

During the evening we had dinner with Dorothy's Mum, brother and Dorothy's nephew Damon and his wife Rachael and niece Louisa and Steve, her husband to be. During the meal Allan gave Damon and Rachael our video of their wedding and they thanked us.

We had to leave early as we had arranged to meet up with friends on the other side of the South Downs at a pub in Selmeston the "Barley Mow". On arrival Allan checked with the landlord that we could stay overnight in the carpark and as it was OK to do this, Allan could then enjoy some of the Long Man Brewery's fine ales. Thank you to the Landlord and certainly thank you to the "Long Man Brewery"

Our friends that we met are thinking of adopting a similar lifestyle to us and asked many questions regarding how much things cost and how to do certain things. We tried to explain that everyones expectations are different. The less money you spend on things the longer time you can spend in France. The shorter your motorhome is in length the more places you will be able to stay at.


We woke up at the Barley Mow after a very quiet night, despite being beside the A27 and travelled back to park near Allan's old workplace at Newhaven where we could spend a quiet day. We seem to have been buzzing around all over the place and we need some time to unwind!


We have really been looking forward to today as we will be having Dinner at the Moorings Restaurant in Pevensey with Zelie (whom Dorothy has known since they were babies) and her husband Martin, their son and daughter Grant (Dorothy's godson) and Kirstie and their spouses and children. We left Newhaven in glorious sunshine and the day held sunny and warm for us. Unfortunately Kirstie's husband Ricky was sent to Belgium for work and so could not be with us. He missed out on an excellent dinner! We had a very good menu to choose from and could not fault the food or service. We shall certainly be going back there again when we are in England. Afterwards we all went for a walk along the beach, eventually finding ourselves at the children's playground where the young ones let off a bit of steam and Martin did a lot of pushing on the swings so he was happy too!


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