Dorothy handed in her notice on the 2nd February 2015 and left work on 26 March 2015

I was very spoilt by the Managers who took me out for a superb lunch at Prezzo's in Hailsham
on Tuesday 17th March.

A few of my colleagues/friends went out on Tuesday 24th March in the evening for a drink and
meal at Wetherspoons in Hailsham and I was so pleased that Allan came over from Newhaven
after work to join us.

I was so overwhelmed by the kind words and extremely generous gifts that I was given on my
last day by my colleagues (who over the years have become friends).

It was a very emotional day ending with a presentation by all the Directors of W&P. I thank
everyone at W&P so very much and will truly miss them all. I tried to keep busy on my last day
but after handing over my keys to Anne, I "lost it" on closing my office door for the very last time.

I still do not know who had the brilliant idea of putting a picture of our motorhome on my
retirement card!


Allan's last day at "Interface 2 " was 27 March 2015

At the end of the morning I received a presentation from the boss Mr. Alan Stone. Everyone was entertained by his speech
and we were all served a refreshing glass of Pernod and lemonade and french bread and pate to get me in the mood for
the French way of life!.

I was very grateful for his leaving gift and was astounded by the generosity of my fellow workers at Interface 2 of Newhaven -
thank you everyone.


Soon after Allan's leaving work, we were on our way to the beginning of our new adventure of retirement.

Dorothy had to pick up the laundry from her Mum's and as we had sold our Honda Civic car we had to deliver it to the new
owner at Stones Cross near Eastbourne. I hope he is very happy with his purchase.

And then ........


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