Here is a list of the web sites and programmes that I recommend
Although I use them all, I take no responsibility for your use of them

Brothers Keeper   The best programe there is for keeping all family history records, easy to use and update and because it uses gedcom you can save and transfer your programmes easily.
Mailwasher   Lets you check for spam before you download your e-mail, and return it unread, as if your e-mail address is non existant. (But use version1.32.9)
Adobe Photoshop 6   Does anything that you can think of to a picture, improves the quality, save for the web, save as a thumbnail and lots more.
Norton Internet Security Family Edition   Keeps intruders out of your computer, stops viruses and easy to update.
Net Vampire   Lets you download big files in small chunks, and takes up again even when the ISP cuts you off after a few hours.
Outlook Express   No other way to send the mail as easy.
Internet Explorer   I use version 8.05 and so do many others - it's the best.
Atomic Clock Sync   Automaticaly adjusts the computer clock to the right time.
Uno   O.K. so it's just a silly game - but I like it.
Cute   Not the best uploader but it works fine.
FrontPage Express   Ideal programme for doing small websites and quick changes.
Dreamweaver 4   The best there is for websites.
Popup Stopper   Stops popup pages - dead. Turn it off until you need it as it will stop some of my pages as well.
Hompage Upper   The best uploader, (FTP) not easy to set up, but sees what files have been changed and then uploads accordingly. Unfortunately it is no longer being distributed.
Google   Simply the best Search Engine, why bother with others?
Web Design Group   Any problems with web design and this group sort it out - almost instantly
Free Parking   For 5.00 a year they make your free internet provider web space look like your own by redirecting your visitors and masking the domain name with your own
SiteGadgets   23 different things for free to spice up your website


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