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I am Allan Arthur Martin and I was born in Shoreham on the 24th July, some time in the last century.

I have lived all my life in Sussex, except for about 5 years when I was in the Merchant Navy and a few when I worked in the NAFFI in Wiltshire.

I trained to go to sea on T.S. Vindicatrix in Sharpness, Gloucestershire and after 8 weeks there I joined the M.V.Piako bound for New Zealand, followed by Tantallon Castle, Golden Comet, Sugar Carrier, Crystal Gem, Port Adelaide, Canadian Star, SA Vaal, Pendennis Castle, Humilaria and Hemicardium

SA Vaal
Pendennis Castle

After various jobs mainly in the electronics industry, I have now settled down to the life of Husband and Father and I am was at
"Interface 2". of Newhaven where they manufacture cable assemblies. If you need any cables or other light electronics made up, give them a try.

They can do --
Cable assembly
Harness assembly
Conventionial PCB assembly
Surface Mount PCB assembly
Electro-mechanical assembly
Injection moulding

ANSI/IPC-A-610 standard

Tell Alan the boss I sent you -

On 27 March 2015 I took early retirement and I am now a man of leisure

I aim to tour in our Motorhome with Dorothy


Not a pretty sight

In August 2001 I was asked to become the "Webmaster" to the
Family History Society of Martin

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Music: Night Rider


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